Testimonials (Real Feedback)

I’m here to say that the facial rejuvenation treatments are amazing! I am so happy with what Dr. Vaughan has done to reduce the appearance of my fine lines and wrinkles. Like most people, I tried several products to do this with mediocre results at best. If you’re considering it, go for it!

After dislocating my thumb (and “resetting” it), it just wasn’t right. It was sore and it hurt to use it. With Dr. Vaughan’s help, it’s like it never happened, and the relief was immediate. I can use my thumb again!

I have a nagging issue with my SI joint in my back because of an old injury. I’m not a fan of needles, but Dr. Vaughan was still able to help me when it started acting up again recently.

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I do two sports that are really hard on my body: Brazilian Jiu Jitsu and Muay Thai. I had recently had a debilitating injury from a competition where my back spasmed and I was unable to breathe properly, let alone compete. I tried muscle relaxers, heat, ice, you name it. Nothing helped. Then I went to Dustin, who in an hour session not only was able to make my muscle relax for the first time in over a month, but I was able to train the very next day and felt great! I could not recommend Precision Integrative Medicine any more.

-Christina Arthur @arthuroflegend

I can tell you with 100% certainty as a person with osteoarthritis in my knee that the treatments I received from Dr. Vaughan have been life changing. Previously, I had eight weeks of physical therapy and was told I would need surgery because I could hardly walk. With injection therapy, I can walk and I don’t have a limp. The swelling is gone. THANK YOU! You are certainly the best damn doctor I know!

I first started seeing Dr. Vaughan to help with back and psoas pain from an injury. He took a comprehensive approach and asked a lot of questions before making treatment recommendations. I was amazed at how he helped reduce pain and inflammation. I could really tell that he truly cares about the end result of improved well being versus just providing a bunch of treatments, because he really took the time to educate and coach me on what I could do at home too.

My shoulder pain had become intense. It was hurting in my neck and down my arm and I could not get comfortable. I took Tylenol, but it did not help. After receiving injection therapy from Dr. Vaughan, my pain is gone and I can use my arm and shoulder freely. I am grateful for his treatment and his excellent patient rapport as he eased my fears related to this type of treatment. I definitely can say he has helped me!

The pain radiated into my head and neck like bolts of lightning. It affected my blood pressure and caused headaches that kept me using pain medication on a regular schedule. Thankfully after only a couple of visits and treatments with Dr. Vaughan I have relief that I haven’t had for months. His treatment really works!